Latest Five Wireless Keyboards That Must Have In 2022

Latest Five Wireless Keyboards That Must Have In 2022

Wireless keyboards are popular among masters. These are great if you are trying to declutter something or if you enjoy typing in your lap with your keyboard. They will have a bunch of mobile productivity hounds who want their laptops and tablets ready for travel. Some keyboard peripherals let you swap out one of them between your desktop, laptop, and tablet.

When it is absolutely necessary you will need to repeat what someone else has told you that is what happens in the vast majority of situations. It is not different when you use a wireless keyboard and a standard wired keyboard. One of the few times that you will notice the GPS is when it comes time to charge it, or when you forget to charge it.

Following is the list of the best wireless keyboards you can get.

1. The Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro

The Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro

What makes the Razer Black widow v3 Pro the best wireless keyboard for gaming? It is the first wireless keyboard that offers you a full-size, full-height mechanical switch experience and all the features that you would expect from a premium gaming keyboard. The products included high-end Double shot ABS plastic keycaps that both felt good during testing and looked good too. They also resist smudges significantly better than rivals.

Besides that, it comes with a cozy and plush leatherette magnetic wrist rest and four onboard memory profiles. Unfortunately, you must have the software to use any RGB other than the seven effects that are stored in the keyboard’s memory. There are no macro keys like on Logitech’s G915 Lightspeed, which is one of its top rivals.

The Blackwidow v3 pro is able to pair with a wireless dongle, via the included charging cable, or via Bluetooth. If you use this method, you can pair it with up to 3 additional PCS. Battery life varies depending on the backlight brightness and the backlight effect. It can last from 5 to 25 hours with lighting and 192 hours without lighting.

As for the Blackwidow v3 pro, it delivers everything you would expect from an expensive and high-end gaming keyboard, except for a mandatory cable. There is also a newer Blackwidow v3 mini model that doesn’t bring as much to the table for its price as its older sibling.

2. Wireless Gaming Keyboard and Lapboard Combo Corsair K63

Wireless Gaming Keyboard and Lapboard Combo Corsair K63

Corsair’s k63 keyboard and lapboard combo are more cumbersome than Razer’s turret keyboard combo that being said, the K63 keyboard and lapboard combo are actually simpler and roomier than Razer’s turret one. It offers an excellent couch gaming experience for a lower price. It is also possible to buy the lapboard, but without the keyboard, for Rs.4000.

The cheaper price also comes from the fact that Corsair does not include a mouse as Razer does. The k63 lapboard also contains a standard-size mouse pad. So, you can use any mouse you like. I was able to use the board with Corsair’s own Katar Pro and a few non-gaming Logitech mice, and they worked well.

The pad on the bottom of the board was generously padded. As a result, I was able to play games for hours comfortably. My couch’s inability to support my back was an issue long before the lapboard with K63 was introduced.

It is as easy as plugging in the keyboard to the micro-USB port of the computer. There are two tabs on the back of the laptop. Pop one of them and take the keyboard out first.

You may notice that the laptop is very large and clunky, measuring almost 26 inches long and 10.5 inches wide. Razer’s new turret mousepad is smaller and easier to stow away when you are not using it. There is a slide-out mouse pad for you to use.

3. ThinkPad TrackPoint Keyboard II by Lenovo

ThinkPad TrackPoint Keyboard II by Lenovo

Lenovo’s ThinkPad TrackPoint keyboard is extremely outdated. It looks and feels like someone stole it right from one of its business laptops. The keyboard on the ThinkPad laptop has the same smiley-shaped and springy keys that you use on that laptop. In addition to that, there is a small red TrackPoint pointing stick.

Your typing and navigation experience are as good as you can get using a mechanical keyboard and mouse.

The TrackPoint Keyboard provides Bluetooth and wireless connectivity options, with a physical switch for switching between the two. So, if you want to use more than one device at the same time, it will be easy to switch between a Windows PC and a Raspberry Pi.

4. Lightspeed Logitech G915

Lightspeed Logitech G915

The Logitech G915 lightspeed keyboard delivers a terrific combination of error-free typing, speed, and comfort. It looks smart and mature in a way that very few gaming peripherals are able to pull off. It is also completely loaded with whatever you want from a keyboard.

Razer and Corsair are cheaper than the more expensive high-end boards, but for those who secretly miss the reliability of the old membrane keyboard, this new low-profile keyboard is a dream come true. And for those who are looking for something similar, but smaller, there is the excellent Logitech g915 TKL.

5. Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000

Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000

It is a simple, modern, and functional word that most people avoid when they think about Microsoft products, but their relatively new desktop 900 keyboard and mouse combo certainly fits the bill.

The desktop 900 combo is designed to be as safe, comfortable, and practical as possible. It is perfect for anyone who is already a Microsoft user and wants to keep their workspace brand consistent, as well as anyone who is searching for an affordable wireless combo.

On top of that, like most other budget boards, the desktop 900 features tiny keycaps, which are actually small. Microsoft’s engineers did a very good job of spacing out those keycaps. Some keyboards that are shaped like chiclet-style keyboards are prone to cramming the caps together.

The keyboard is very large, has full-size keys, and is pre-programmed. There are also customizable hotkeys. Pre-programmed keys are used to perform mundane tasks like opening your web browser or calculator. There is a cluster of media keys.

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