Top Online Music Streaming Services For Amazing Experience In 2022

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Top Online Music Streaming Services For Amazing Experience In 2022

Before the new digital music landscape, people purchased CDs, traditional radio, cassette music players and many others. Back then music file-sharing had become with PCs and not so fast internet connections. As time passes by, the music industry modified the new digital landscape and to find various latest ways to offer versatile online music. Digital downloads and online streaming music services eventually became the trending norm, thanks to Napster (the first music app).

Music streaming services provide millions of songs that you can enjoy on your preferable device including your computer, smartphone, game consoles and others. In this blog, we will show you different online streaming music applications so that you can select and sign up as per your best pick.

Factors You Should Consider While Choosing The Best Music Streaming Service For You

Multiple factors are considered while selecting a music streaming app that offers the ultimate music experience. For your reference, the following are some crucial factors that should be considered before jumping to any music streaming app. Let’s check the list out.

  • Music Library: The most important thing to keep in mind when you are browsing the best music streaming service according to your music interest is that there have to be broad songs and album categories available. Most of the music stream application offers free trial facilities before buying the membership. Leverage this benefit to check the availability of your favourite tracks.
  • Quality of Audio: Music is all about beats and sound that give your mind that current vibe you want to feel through your music. Audio quality matters a lot. Go with an application that offers high audio quality offline as well as when you don’t have an internet connection. Apple Music is one of the best picks when it comes to audio quality.
  • Usability: For a better user experience, the must-have feature is the ease of use. When you are browsing albums, songs, and artists on an online music platform, there have to be straightforward directions to find particular results. Proper options with an attractive and easy interface will give you an amazing user experience while using the app.
  • Multiple platform support: Most people use various platforms by the single subscription of the music app. The music stream service should support multiple platforms as per your desire of the device. Let’s take an example, you may prefer Amazon Music Unlimited if you have an Echo smart speaker by Amazon.
  • Additional Content: If the music streaming service is part of a bigger organization, a subscription may contain other entertainment options as well. YouTube Music delivers access to YouTube Red, your Amazon Music account can also attach to Amazon Prime Unlimited, Tidal comprises exclusive music videos, live concerts, documentaries, and interviews. Additionally, Apple Music constantly has exclusive access to videos as well.

List Of Best Music Applications That Can Be Your Top Pick

1. Spotify


  • Cost: $ 9.99 per month or $ 19.99 month (HiFi tier)
  • Quality: 320 kbps, CD-quality streaming, 24-bit/96 kHz
  • Files: FLAC, AAC
  • Library size: 60 million plus, millions of high resolution audio
  • Platforms: iOS, and Android apps, desktop app, and web player

2. Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Music


  • Cost: $ 9.99 per month, $ 14.99 per month (family tier), $ 99 12 months)
  • Files: AAC
  • Library size: 75 million plus in CD resolution or higher`

3. YouTube Music

YouTube Music


  • Cost: Free, $ 10 per month, $ 15 month (family)
  • Quality: 256 kbps
  • Library size: 40 million plus
  • Files: AAC
  • Platforms: iOS and Android apps

4. Apple Music


  • Cost: $ 9.99 per month, $ 14.99 per month (family tier), and $ 99 (12 months)
  • Files: AAC
  • Library size: 75 million plus in CD resolution or higher
  • Platforms: iOS and desktop app

5. Deezer



  • Cost: Free, $ 10 month, $ 15 month (CD-quality), $ 20 month (Family tier)
  • Quality: 128 kbps, 320 kbps, 16 bit
  • Files: MP3, FLAC
  • Library size: 56 million plus
  • Platforms: iOS, and Android apps, desktop Windows, and Mac apps, Sonos, Yamaha MusicCast, Bang & Olufsen speakers, MOON by Simaudio network audio system

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