The Ideal Business VoIP Providers Available In India To Ease The Telecom Mess

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The Ideal Business VoIP Providers Available In India To Ease The Telecom Mess
Business VoIP Providers

It is another year of the world going more digital in every way possible and Voice Over Internet Protocol is one of them. With this emerging technology, more businesses are heading to opt it in their business to get the several benefits offered by VoIP. And because of the increasing demand for VoIP, many businesses are taking it as the profitable area for business. Today different businesses are providing VoIP to the public and businesses with different facilities, offers, and prices. You will get a detailed description of the best business VoIP providers of today here in this post. But before this let’s have a close look at VoIP and its related terms.

What is VoIP?

A Voice Over Internet Protocol usually known as VoIP by which one can make phone calls by using an internet connection instead of using a landline. The term is famous for different names like IP telephony, internet telephony, or internet calling. In short, it enables you to make a call without having access to a telephone line. In the VoIP system, your ‘voice is converted into digital packets and compressed by Codecs, and transmitted via Internet Protocol which is later decoded when the digital packets reach the other end of the call.

Benefits Over Telephone Lines

There are several benefits of having VoIP over a Telephone line. And one needs to know why they should opt for this system.

  • Cheaper setup cost than that of Telephone line.
  • Call charges on VoIP systems are less costly than on the traditional telephone system.
  • No extra charges for international calls.
  • Fewer numbers of hardware lead to less repair and maintenance costs.
  • High bandwidth provides high-quality voice and video calls.
  • Portable and flexible.
  • Easily expandable.
  • You can make calls through your computer by making it a softphone.

What is a VoIP Provider?

What is a VoIP Provider

VoIP Provides is not any device but a business entity that provides VoIP services to its customers or different other businesses. Businesses are taking a keen interest in this field and developing plans to provide VoIP on the best terms to their users.

VoIP Providers in India

When voice over Internet Protocol is growing immensely worldwide and serving multiple businesses in their growth then why India shouldn’t go for it. VoIP in the hybrid work era is needed in every business that dreams to grow. So if you are planning for VoIP to opt, here are some Best/Top VoIP providers in India.

VoIP Providers
  • Online VoIP Solutions(OVS): Online VoIP Solutions is a one-stop solution provider for all the needs related to the technology of a business. OVS provides call center services, IP/PBX solutions, video telephony, web conferencing, call tracking, voice broadcasting, click to call on the web, voice logger, and IVR system to its consumers. For more info Click Here.
  • Fiberpipe Communication: Fiberpipe Communications Pvt Ltd is an Indian company that provides a complete range of IP communications services and value-added services to its users no matter if the business is small, medium, or large. The services include internet lease line, network management services, co-location services, and internet telephony(VoIP). More about Fiberpipe.
  • Vindaloo Softtech Pvt. Ltd.: The vindaloo softtech pvt ltd is providing solutions for 5+ years in this field with its 40+ experts. It provides services that include VoIP development, eCommerce integrations, web application development. etc. Check here to visit the website.
  • Phonology: Phonology is a trusted partner for fulfilling the telecom needs of the more than 500 companies in India. The Enterprise VoIP of the company is specially designed for SMEs. Read here at Phonology.
  • VoIP Office: The VoIP Office brings everything on a single platform to make communication easy. You can save up to 65% on your communication budget. It provides services to every size and kind of business. Read here more about VoIP Office.
  • Siplink Communications: Siplink communication is a global solution for SMEs with a flexible pricing structure and the best technological solutions they provide. The size of the firm is no issue here. Click here to visit the website. 
  • Voxvalley Technologies: Voxvalley technologies build the best-in-class communication products for its customers. They provide reliable and secure solutions with stellar support and services. The company has 12 years of experience and currently serves 8050 customers. Read here full information on the website.
  • Cloud Infotech: Cloud Infotech is a famous company in the field of telecom solutions. The company gives services of every kind related to telecom as they say “you name it and we have it!” The company uses the latest technology in their products and has experienced staff. Click here to visit the website. 
  • HoduSoft Pvt. Ltd.: HoduSoft is having more than 250 customers in more than 40 countries to whom it is serving the different products for communication available with it. They make the business communication barrier-free and smooth. To visit the website, Click Here.
  • CoreIP Technology: CoreIP delivers innovative unified communication solutions across the world. Don’t worry if you run the manufacturing industry, warehouse, healthcare, retail store, hospitals, and education the company provides the solutions to every telecom-related problem. Click here to visit the website.
  • Unified Voice Communication: Unified voice communication is a unified service/integrated package of real-time communication services. The users get toll-free numbers to communicate. You can record calls and by downloading the app of the company you can manage it from anywhere in the world. Visit the website for full information.
  • Novanet: Novanet is one of the experienced and oldest companies that provide services to well-known companies like Bajaj Allianz, UrbanClap, Salespond, and many more. It is one of the most reliable telephony networks also. Visit the website.

VoIP and Your Internet Connection

Your Internet connection and VoIP are different things. People often ask if VoIP has an impact on their Internet connection, the answer to this is a mix of yes or no. Now another question that arises here is how VoIP impacts your internet network? The answer lies in broadband performance. If the performance of your broadband’s performance is poor or network connectivity is slow then the VoIP will become an issue otherwise not. But with the emerging VoIP trends, people are heading to best performance broadband networks. And if you have both then you can enjoy doing business with no telecom problems at all.

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