The Best Internet Providers For 2022 In India

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The Best Internet Providers For 2022

It will not be wrong to say that the 21st century totally depends on the Internet or that the internet is the base of the 21st century. Working online is now becoming the need as Covid-19 is ruling over the world. One just can sit home doing nothing. The Internet provided us with a platform to do our work from anywhere. The need for having the Internet in every area is so huge that different companies are set up to provide internet services.

The Internet has now become a part of our lives and we are dependent on it for our work, education, learning and whatnot. And for the smooth running of everything, one needs an internet service that provides the best facility to its consumer or customer. By the word ‘Best’ we mean, a service that is fast, cheap, smooth and available in every area of the earth, so we don’t get network issues while doing several jobs. There are a number of Internet providers across the globe and it’s kind of difficult to select the most appropriate one. So here, we are going to tell you about the best internet provider for the year.

1. Airtel Broadband

Airtel Broadband

Airtel Office Internet is one of the best internet providers in the area, giving solutions to all internet-related issues. This broadband is designed to support the remote and mobile workforce in today’s time, which gives you a secure and high-speed corporate broadband connection with licensed tools for communication. Key features of Airtel office internet are:

  • High-speed Internet
  • In-built DNS security which is powered by Cisco
  • Provides Integrated Device Security
  • Static IP for stable network
  • Unlimited Video Conferencing
  • Parallel Ringing service
  • Google Workspace

Plans Offered By Airtel Office Internet

Basic Plan Rs.499Unlimited up to 40Mbps + Unlimited local/STD calls
Standard Plan Rs.799Unlimited up to 100Mbps + unlimited local/STD calls
Advance Plan Rs.999Unlimited up to 200Mbps + Unlimited local/STD calls
Premium Plan Rs.1,499Unlimited up to 300Mbps + Unlimited local/STD calls
Premium Plus Plan Rs.3,999Unlimited up to 1Gbps + Unlimited local/STD calls

Airtel Office Internet will pop up first on the list when you search for the best internet provider near me or internet provider in my area. Its key features make it one of the best internet providers in India.

2. BSNL Broadband Service

BSNL Broadband Service

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited(BSNL) is the oldest and the first broadband provider in India. It is a public company that provides great services under an affordable price range. It also comes in the list of the best cheap internet providers 2022 as this brand offers the cheapest plans for ADSL broadband plans. The brand comes in the list of top fibre internet providers in India also. The company now provides unlimited plans too.

Plans Offered By BSNL

Basic Plan Rs.449Speed up to 30Mbps till 3300GB then 2Mbps
Basic Plus Plan Rs.599Speed up to 60Mbps till 3300GB then 2Mbps
TB Plan Rs.777Speed up to 100Mbps till 1000GB then 5Mbps
Superstar Premium Plus Plan Rs.999Speed up to 150Mbps till 2000GB then 10Mbps
Ultra Plan Rs.1499Speed up to 300Mbps till 4000Gb then 4Mbps

The list of plans provided by the BSNL is quite long and one can choose what suits them best. The plans also come with Bundled OTT subscription with includes SonyLIV Premium, Zee5 Premium, Voot Select, Yupp TV Live (NCF Channels), YuppTV FDFS, YuppTV Movies, YuppTV Scope (Aggregator Tech Platform), Support, Marketing.

3. Reliance Jio Fibre

Reliance Jio Fibre

Who doesn’t know about Reliance Jio, which is the biggest reason that every single person is getting the benefits of the internet in today’s time? Reliance jio is known for its cheapest internet plans that are affordable by every class of society. Jio has already launched fibre broadband services in India and tops the list of internet service providers in India. It also provides OTT Subscription with its various plans that include Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, Zee5, Jio Cinema, Jio Saveen, Voot, ALTBalaji, SonyLIV etc.

Plans Offered By Reliance Jio

Rs.399Speed up to 30Mbps + unlimited calling
Rs.699Speed up to 100Mbps + unlimited calling
Rs.999Speed up to 150Mbps + unlimited calling
Rs.1499Speed up to 300Mbps + unlimited calling
Rs.2499Speed up to 500Mbps + unlimited calling

The above-discussed plans are only limited to 30 days and the calling is limited to national boundaries. For international calls, you need to see the other plans provided by the brand.

4. ACT Fibernet Broadband

ACT Fibernet Broadband

ACT fibernet is known for its high speed and prompt service resolution. Here, if you pay annually, you will get a free router and 2 months free internet access with the first plan only at Rs.9588. The Wi-Fi plans provided by the brand comes with a speed of up to 1Gbps and makes it the best choice for your office internet connection. It is the nation’s largest internet provider that is serving more than 1.5 million internet customers in 19 cities across the nation. Key features of ACT Fibernet are:

  • Business internet at affordable prices
  • Bundled static IP
  • High-speed internet with 24×7 consistency

Plans Offered By ACT FIBERNET

ACT Welcome Rs.549Speed up to 50Mbps + unlimited data limited
ACT Silver Promo Rs.799Speed up to 150Mbps + unlimited data limit
ACT Platinum Promo Rs.1049Speed up to 250mbps + unlimited data limit
ACT Diamond Rs.1349Speed up to 300Mbps + unlimited data limit
ACT GIGA Rs.1999Speed up to 1Gbps + unlimited data limit

5. Excitel Broadband

Excitel Broadband

Another best internet service provider on the list is Excitel Broadband. Excitel’s Pure Fibre To Home technology offers high speed with high stability of the connections. And the best thing about this is that it doesn’t get affected by the poor weather conditions and power fluctuations. It provides a speed of up to 1 gigabit/s by removing the buffering hurdle from the downloading process.

The plans provided by the brand differ for different areas or cities.

6. You Broadband

You Broadband

A subsidiary of Vodafone Idea Limited, providing internet services to Mumbai and a few cities in India. You broadband offers to speed up to the range of 200Mbps. They build fibre infrastructure at zero cost to the developer.

So that’s it! These are the best internet service providers for 2022. See the plans thoroughly and choose the one that suits you best.

That’s it! Go and select the one that suits you the best.

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