PCTattletale – A Reliable Keylogger Software And A Spy App

PCTattletale – A Reliable Keylogger Software And A Spy App

So you’re seeking for a reliable keylogger or spying program. You discovered PCTattletale. Is it, however, any good? In this piece, we will provide a comprehensive PCTattletale review.

PCTattletale Evaluation

PCTattletale is a keylogger and remote spying program. It is compatible with Windows, Android, and the iPhone. What you need to know is that it does not necessitate rooting their Android handset. You do not need to jailbreak their iPhone in order to utilize it. This is critical as you consider alternative solutions.

It is not simple to jailbreak an iPhone. Most vendors of spy software and keystroke loggers require you to do so. PCTattletale, on the other hand. Jailbreaking an iPhone violates the warranty as well. The goal of PCTattletale has been to provide you with as much information as possible without jailbreaking your iPhone. This also applies to Android.

Simply install the app on the device (or computer) you wish to record using PCTattletale. Then simply log on to our website to get the recordings. As a result, it is a real remote keylogger. You don’t have to touch PCTattletale again once you’ve installed it on their device. You may give it to them and then monitor their every move using your mobile phone, tablet, or another computer.

PCTattletale – Windows Keylogger And Spy Software

PCTattletale – Windows Keylogger And Spy Software

Every mouse click is recorded by PCTattletale for Windows. It collects those clicks and converts them into simple YouTube-style videos that you can watch on our website (You can even watch from your smartphone).

Remote Viewer Features

How you can view all of the typical television controls you’d expect to see. You may watch the video. Frames in advance. Return. You may even advance to other portions of the movie by using the progress bar at the bottom.

They also provide a lovely bar chart of their click activity. It allows you to observe things like your children staying up late playing video games when they should be in bed for school the next day. What about long periods of inactivity for an employee you’re paying? Long lunch periods?

The keylogger in PCTattletale for Windows is fantastic. It not only records all of their keystrokes (including their Facebook login), but it also inserts them into the video. So you can see what they were typing while you watch the movie.

Windows installation made simple

PCTattletale installs on any Windows PC in the same way that any other software app does. If you can install Microsoft Word on their computer, you can install PCTattletale as well.

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No Windows password?

What if you don’t know their Windows sign-in credentials? Not an issue. Simply login in to your own computer account (or make your own account). When you install PCTattletale on your computer, it will track the phone of who uses it. Even if you aren’t aware of their password.

You can view everything they do on the computer using PCTattletale for Windows. It makes no difference if they try to be sneaky by using “private browsing” mode. PCTattletale will still be able to view it.

PCTattletale – Android Keylogger

PCTattletale – Android Keylogger

As previously stated, the most crucial thing you should know is that PCTattletale does not require you to root your Android smartphone. If you’ve been hunting for keyloggers for Android, you’ve probably come across this. PCTattletale for Android is, in our opinion, by far the greatest option.

Let’s take a look at why

PCTattletale for Android, like our Windows service, snaps a screen shot whenever they touch the screen. We convert those screen photos into videos that you may view on the website.

You’re looking at the identical video controls that we provide for Windows. You have the same click chart too.

You can see videos of what they do on Android. They can be seen typing text messages or emails. What you need to know is that these movies handle Android’s keylogging capability. There just isn’t a method to pull the keystrokes out as we do with Windows without rooting the device. That is just something we did not want people to do for the reasons stated at the beginning of the post.

Easy Installation of PCTattletale for Android PCTattletale for Android is simple to install on their smartphone. It is much the same as installing any program from the Google Play store.

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PCTattletale – iPhone Keylogger

The iPhone keylogger PCTattletale is a completely different service. Why? Apple simply has too much control over iOS. When you do a Google search, you will notice that every iPhone keylogger requires you to jailbreak your very costly iPhone. Don’t do that since it will void your warranty and destroy your iPhone.

We can accomplish some fantastic things using PCTattletale for iPhone. The nicest thing is that you don’t have to touch their phone or install an app on it.

Read on to learn how to set up PCTattletale for iPhone: How to set up PCTattletale for iPhone?

Spying on iPhone text messages

PCTattletale – iPhone Keylogger

We display every text message they’ve ever sent with PCTattletale for iPhone. Even the ones from a long time ago. You only need to check in to spy on text messages.

iPhone GPS tracking with advanced features

The most incredible thing PCTattletale can be is a great phone tracker with an iPhone with its sophisticated GPS position tracking. We can record everything they do for up to a year. You may find out where they are and where they went by visiting the PCTattletale website.

Assume your hubby is working on Friday. When you open PCTattletale, you discover that he is not at work at all. He’s staying in a hotel.

What about your child’s first date? Wouldn’t you be curious to know where she is? Especially if it’s late and she hasn’t returned home yet? Check PCTattletale to see if she’s at the Friday night football game.

Again, the important thing to remember with PCTattletale for iPhone is that there is no app to install. You also do not need to know their unlock code. In fact, even if they are hundreds of miles away, they can connect PCTattletale to their iPhone. They’ll have no idea you’re now able to see exactly where they’re standing. You’ve also received every text message they’ve ever sent.

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