Subway Surfers Maker Launches MetroLand Game Exclusively On Huawei AppGallery

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Subway Surfers Maker Launches MetroLand Game Exclusively On Huawei AppGallery

Remember Subway Surfer? The first game of many people, they downloaded on their smartphones. You can still find the game on the phones of uncountable people even after years of its launch. The game is full of fun and endless adventures and there are very few percent chances that anyone doesn’t like it. So if you loved that game then we have a piece of good news for you all. With the huge success of Subway Surfer, the maker of Subway Surfer has come up with a new game MetroLand which is launched exclusively on Huawei AppGallery. You can download this game from AppGallery on your Huawei device. Huawei’s AppGallery Android app works with any smartphone with an android operating system. This game is also available on Android phones but for downloading it you first need to install AppGallery on your android phones.

The game shares similarities with that of Subway Surfers because both are endless runner games. But the new thing in this game, which makes a difference, is that the gameplay takes place across various cities. MetroLand also includes seven areas that will unlock as progress is made. Just like Subway Surfers, the gamer needs to score higher in each game.

What is the game without difficulties, and so in MetroLand difficulty will increase as your score gets better but at the same time you will be provided with various power boosters like magnets to pick all the coins, shields for protection are there for helping you to get rewards. The boosters will help you to stay longer in the game while collecting gold. For controls, you can swipe left-right to be in one out of three-lane, to jump swipe up, and to slide and cross some obstacles swipe down.

The visuals of MetroLand are colorful and different from that of a Subway Surfers but both last until the player gets crash. One can unlock new characters and choose any, they can select the location/areas of their choice to play on. This game also permits you to make your own base to control the timing of the power-up.

Subway Surfers

People also ask why was Subway Surfers made after a Twitter user posted a tweet saying that the creator of the game created it in the honor of the memory of his deceased child. But later the rumor was cleared by the SYBO’s CEO Mathias Gredel Norvig who is one of the leading creators of the game that the game is created as the culmination of his love for skateboarding, passion, love for street art, and music.

Subway Surfers codes 2022 are valid and available to redeem are given below. You can redeem these codes if you have coins, keys, rockets, mystery boxes, characters, etc.

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So these are the latest updates on Subway Surfers game.

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