Fourth Covid Vaccine Partially Effective Against Omicron

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Fourth Covid Vaccine Partially Effective Against Omicron

It’s been more than two years now that the whole world is fighting Coronavirus and unfortunately, we still are unable to beat it completely. The entire world has already faced the second wave of covid and there are high chances that third wave will take place for sure. But the question is, can it be an Omicron variant causing a third wave?

After the powerful Delta variant, the world is now battling against Omicron. The second wave already caused huge damage to human lives in several countries including India where the number of deaths from covid-19 were more than 2.5 lakhs. India started Covid-19 vaccination from 16 January 2021, but being afraid of its results only few people got vaccinated. Today, most of the population of India is vaccinated with two doses of vaccine, but a new problem has arose that if the vaccine will work against the new variant Omicron?

Some countries are now considering a fourth vaccine to fight the Omicron variant of coronavirus, but finding it partially effective at the same time.

Omicron Variant in India

The B.1.1.529 variant, generally called as Omicron, was first reported to WHO from South Africa on 24 November 2021. In December 2021, two men in Karnataka were tested positive for the omicron variant in India. One of them was a 66-year-old male and another one was 46-year-old. The variant then covered the whole nation one by one, from south to north and east to west. Till the date this is the record of omicron variant affected people:

  • Total cases – 8209
  • Active cases – 5100
  • Recovered – 3109

*The above data may vary as time changes.


Maharashtra topped the table of omicron variant with total cases of 1738 but the new cases are rising in West Bengal with 1366 new cases. The nation has posted a partial lockdown in the states to stop the spread of the virus.

Covid Cases in India

India, like every other country, has been fighting hard against coronavirus for the past two years. And the second wave came like a tsunami in India, taking more than 2.5 lakh lives and damaging the economy of the country.

covid test

Here is the updated statistics of the Covid cases in India:

  • Fresh cases – 2,82,970
  • Total tally – 3,79,01,241

According to the Union Health Ministry these are 44,889 cases more than the previous day. But the nation is showing a declining trend in these cases, which is good news.

Some states have started vaccinating youngsters between 15-18 years also. And making it compulsory to get vaccinated for people working in different fields.

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Fourth Covid Vaccine

As different strains of covid-19 taking place, scientists are now finding every reason to take multiple doses as two doses of vaccine isn’t sufficient to fight them all. But the problem scientists are facing here is that the fourth covid vaccine will work against the omicron strain. And another problem that can be faced later by them is whether the frequent boosting will cause any health issues or not.

Researchers say that although it’s true that there is no clinical data proving the effectiveness of multiple boosters, at the same time they too don’t have science to back up the idea that frequent boosters could cause fatigue in the people.

Israel Study of Fourth Vaccine

The recent news that is coming from Israel is that they say the fourth vaccine is partially effective against the omicron variant. According to them, the fourth dose of covid-19 vaccine boosts antibodies to higher levels than the third jab but provides only partial protection against the current variant of coronavirus.

The Israel study of fourth vaccine states that one week after the administration of a fourth dose of Moderna vaccine, the rate of antibodies increased and they also found a further increase in antibodies two weeks after the administration of a fourth dose of Pfizer which was slightly more than that measured after the first week.

But the researchers noted that the vaccines are less effective against omicron variant despite being very effective against the previous strains.

Israel study of fourth vaccine

Professor Gilli Regev-Yochai said “We understand that despite the significant increase in antibodies after the fourth vaccine, this protection is only partially effective against the omicron strain, which is relatively resistant to the vaccine.”

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