How To Run Diagnostics On Your iPhone Or Android

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How To Run Diagnostics On Your iPhone Or Android

Have you ever thought of checking the health of your smartphone that works uncountable hours for you without asking for any personal aid? If not, then welcome to the club of 95% of people who don’t know that diagnosis of their smartphone exists. There are in-built as well as several third-party applications present to run diagnostics on your android phone as well as iPhone. These applications help you to get information about the well-being of your smartphone because knowing the performance level of your smartphone can be helpful in several cases if you want to sell your current smartphone for a good deal, then the diagnostic report of your smartphone can help you get the one. Similarly, if you are planning to buy a new handset (secondhand), the diagnosis will help you with the same.

Running diagnostic on your phone isn’t a big deal if you have the right application with you. Here this article will give you a tour on how to diagnostics on your smartphone, android, or iPhone.

1. Built-in Diagnostics Tools

The built-in diagnostics tools are only found in Androids, and that too in a few. Those diagnostic tools are found when you type a particular code into your phone’s dialer app. The menu will automatically open when you do the same. There are mainly two codes that can be used to run diagnostic on android phones.

*#0*# is a hidden diagnostic menu code that works on some android phones for full diagnostics. All you have to do is to dial this code on your smartphone and you will be able to check up on your hardware. This code works on Samsung M30 and Samsung Galaxy S9. this code does not work on Vivo Y73 And Redmi Note 9 Pro.

*#*#4636#*#* is a usage information menu code that will show you usage history, real-time wifi, cellular network connection stats, and basic phone information. The code will show up on a number of devices than the hidden diagnostic menu code.

2. Third-Party Diagnostic App

Other than built-in tools you can take the help of the third-party app to run diagnostics tests on your smart device. Using these apps is very easy and you can do it without having any detailed knowledge of the process. Here are some third-party diagnostic apps that you can use on your phone.

TestM for iPhone and Android

TestM For iPhone And Android

The first app that will pop up when you search how to run diagnostics on my android phone is TestM. Luckily, this app works for both android and iPhone. This app is designed to work on iOS and Android to test a phone’s touch screen, camera, sound, network connectivity, sensor, and other hardware. The app is very easy to use as it comes with many options that you can opt to run diagnostics. You can choose any single feature of your phone for a diagnosis like a screen, sound, motion, connectivity, hardware, or camera. The other option you can tap is to run a quick test or a full test. The quick test enables to you check your three key features- touch screen, earpiece audio, and high-frequency audio. On the other hand, the full test checks all supported features. The also needs you in some of its tests as you need to pose for a picture for a camera test, draw on your screen for a screen test, and speak for the microphone test.

When the app is done testing you will be provided a report of test in which the performance of each feature of your phone is ticked either with green to indicate good or in red to indicate bad. And that report is also shareable via messaging, email, or other services.

Phone Check and Test

Phone Check And Test

This app is designed to work on Android phones, so if want to run diagnostics on iPhone 11 this app is not what you are looking for. It lets you perform a comprehensive series of diagnostics on your android phone. There is no worry about how to use this app as it gives you an overview to explain how it works.

Next, you can see in this app is a monitor option by tapping on which you are provided with the data related to current memory usage, storage, battery, Wi-fi, and cellular. Moving next you will find a guided test button by tapping it provide you the list of different features of your phone that you can select to run the test. After each test, you can tap OK if the feature passes or tap Not OK if found anything which needs to see. You can also skip the test if you do not want to check a particular feature. In the end, you are provided with a summary result of each test.

Phone Doctor Plus

Phone Doctor Plus

Another app that is designed for android users. The app can be used on more than 40 types of hardware and system diagnostics to help in finding invisible smartphone issues. The app opens up by showing the snapshots of your current battery usage, CPU and memory usage, storage capacity, and network performance.

You will find here that the diagnostic test is performed category-wise here. The four main categories are outer hardware, inner hardware, sensors, and wireless. Each main category consists of related features. You can run the test by selecting anyone and tapping on it. Performance is displayed by the green and red checkmark.

Phone Diagnostics

Phone Diagnostics

This app is designed for Apple iPhone diagnostics. If you are looking for an app to run diagnostics on iPhone 12, iPhone 11, or any model of iPhone, your search ends here. You can test your phone’s touch screen, multi-touch capabilities, flash. Camera, speaker, microphone, sensors, wi-fi, cellular access, and various other features. All need to do is tap the button for the test you want to run in particular or tap the play button to run all tests one by one.

After the tests are done the result of the test will be visible green or red color whatever be the case. This app also asks for your participation while performing various tests as the motion test will be needed to move your phone around, video record test records a quick video by using the rear camera, you need to place three fingers on the screen for the multi-touch test.

We have discussed the best ways to run diagnostics on your smart device for android and iPhone Read the full article and choose any method to test the performance of your smartphone. You can find out the true value of your device if you are planning to sell it or you can think to stay a little longer with your old device if it is in perfect condition.

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