How To Listen Music On Apple Watch

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How To Listen Music On Apple Watch

Control your music playlist right from your wrist. With an Apple Watch on your wrist, you can listen to Apple Music, Apple Radio, Spotify, Pandora, and various streaming services. Your Apple Watch lets you tune your own music library and listen to it. Cool, right!

But were you aware of this fact before? No.

Smile because you are now. This ‘No’ leads us to another important question whether you know how to listen to music on your Apple watch? And guess it is another big no. right? No need to worry again because this article is the answer to all the questions storming in your mind. We will guide you through everything here that you need to know. Before this, the very important fact you need to know is that you will be able to listen to music on your Apple Watch only when it runs on watchOS 4.1 or higher. Let’s see how you can listen to music on your Apple Watch.

Steps To Listen Music On An Apple Watch

Let’s see basic steps that we need to follow in order to tune up our own music library on the Apple watch.

  1. Download or Update WatchOS

    Download or Update WatchOS

    You need to download the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and if you already have the said app then you need to check if you have its updated version. Open the Watch app on your iPhone or the Settings app on the watch. Go to General > Software update. Tap to update if the app isn’t updated or leave if already updated.

  2. Pairing


    The next step after getting an updated version of the app is you need to pair your watch with the Bluetooth earphone, iPods, or a speaker. For this, you need to turn on your Bluetooth device and put that on pairing mode. Then next, go to Settings > Bluetooth on your Apple Watch. Click on the name of your Bluetooth device listed there and pair. Mark yourself Done when the status turned connected.

  3. Sync Music to your Watch

    Sync Music to your Watch

    You can sync the music playlists or albums, that are on your iPhone, with your watch and enjoy listening without opening your iPhone every time. And you can create a playlist if you don’t have one, only by following the few easy steps.

    1. Go to Settings > Bluetooth, on your iPhone and turn the Bluetooth on.
    2. Next, open the Apple Watch app on your device > click on My Watch component there, and then click on Music.
    3. You will get two options there, first is to enable Recent Music to automatically add the music you have recently listened to and second is Add Music by tapping on ‘+’ to add the album and playlist you selected.
    4. Connect your watch to the charger and place it near your iPhone to sync the music.

  4. Listen to Music

    There are certainly two ways to play music on your Apple Watch:

    1. From your iPhone on Apple Watch
      Listen to Music From your iPhone on Apple watch
    2. Directly on Apple Watch

      To listen to music from your iPhone on your watch all you need to do is press the Digital Crown to select the home screen. Click on the Music app and you will get the option on iPhone above all, tap on it, and you are done. Now you are ready to stream music from your iPhone.

      To listen on your watch directly press the Digital Crown to select home screen. Tap on the Music app and go to the Library option and then you can search the music through different playlists, albums, artists, or songs you have added to your watch.

      The watch is capable to connect and stream both online and offline music to various music streaming services. Because anyone hardly keeps offline music when different music apps are available to serve us in seconds.

Here Are Some Apps On Which You Can Listen To Music On Your Watch

  • Spotify


    One of the top music apps for apple watch users as this app comes in both paid and free versions. You can listen to Spotify by downloading the Spotify app on your Apple watch. This app brings you an unlimited number of songs, artists, and albums on your watch you can play and enjoy. The app comes with a voice assistant feature through which you can ask the app to play the song in your mind. The inbuilt voice assistant works well in the Apple watch series 3 running watchOS or higher. Premium subscription with LTE- powered watch users can download the playlists and podcasts to their watches.

  • Apple Radio

    Apple Radio

    You can listen to Apple Radio for different stations on your Apple watch. Open the Apple Music app and tap on Radio. You can search and swipe through different channels and stations or can tap to Apple Music 1 radio station for listening to the current broadcast.

    Listen with Siri, a special voice plan for $4.99 per month available in iOS 15.2 or higher on your iPhone. With this feature, you can ask to play any song of your choice by saying “ Hey Siri play (song name) for me” and the software will play the song and you can pause or play the song on your watch.

  • Pandora


    Another music streaming app for apple watch users to listen to music is pandora. To listen to pandora you need an apple watch 3  with watchOS 6 or higher that also with an iPhone supporting iOS 13 or higher. You can download the Pandora app and listen to music for free and paid subscription. A paid subscription allows you to download music for offline listening and a free listening tier comes with a number of playback shortcomings.

  • iHeartRadio

    Another app on which you can listen to your favorite music is iHeartRadio. You can search for the particular genre, album, artist, and song and listen to it for unboundedly time here. Download the iHeartRadio app on your watch and start listening to your playlist.

  • iCloud Music

    Apple Music can be used to sync your existing iCloud Music Library on your apple watch. All you need to do is pair both devices and go to Settings > Music on your iPhone. Tap the option iCloud Music Library and sync.

So, this is it. These are the number of ways you can listen to music on your Apple watch. The only thing you need to see is that you own the required model of watch and watchOS. You can also take a look at the other smartwatches that are available in the market, CLICK HERE.

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