How To Choose The Right Screen For Your Projector

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How To Choose The Right Screen For Your Projector

Finding the right screen is as important as finding a good projector. Think about how you will feel if you spend a big amount of money on your projector but due to no attention paid to the screen, you won’t get the image quality you wanted. All you will think at that time is “what a waste”. So, to save you this disappointment we will tell you in this article by Deals by DCB how you can select the right screen for your projector.

Only choosing the best projector is not sufficient, one needs to know what kind of screen will be needed for the picture quality they want. The main problem is we don’t consider the need for having a screen actually. Most people do not take it as an important point because they think a blank wall in their home or office will do the job of the screen. This is the very mistake they make. Whatever your budget is, you can pay attention to the features of the screen before buying and get the best one in your budget. There are some screens having ALR(ambient light rejection that is usable in a room full of light and keep your images clear and visible there. This is the solution to the problem we all face but forget while choosing the screen or we simply ignore it. Just like this, you need to recall every difficulty you face while using a projector on a wall or a poor-quality screen.

Here are some key features you need to check while buying a screen

  1. Screen Type: type of screen you need or want is an important decision. You need to know what kind of screen can go well with your needs. There can be mainly two types of screen, one which is permanent wall or ceiling mountable and the other one which is portable. The permanent wall or ceiling mountable screen is suitable for conference room, classroom, or home theater and the portable screen is suitable for occasional news.
  2. Screen Material:  Screen material is needed to get attention while choosing a perfect screen for your projector. Your screen should have acoustically transparent and ambient light rejection and high-gain material. The acoustically transparent screen is perfect to hide the speakers without any loss of audio. And high gain material helps in boosting image brightness. 
  3. Screen Size: next comes the size of your projector screen. One can have the size of the screen in the ratio that is suitable to them. The standard size of the projector screen depends upon the size of rooms, screen height and width, budget, and need. But if you can’t decide, then there are some standard formats available for your convenience.
    • Video 4:3 Format: the screens with the ratio of 4:3 are basically used as the standard ratio for Televisions and computer monitors. This ratio of the screen is suitable for the projector that offers XGA, SXGA, UXGA, and QXGA resolution.
    • Widescreen PC 16:10 ratio Format: The use of widescreen PCs has given rise to this screen ratio format. This ratio of the screen is suitable for the projectors that offer WXGA, WSXGA, and WUXGA resolution.
    • HDTV 16:9 Format: this HD screen projector is the best standard ratio for home theatre that offers widescreen viewing. It is an international standard format of HDTV. This screen format is suitable for the projectors that offer 4K UHD, 1080p HD, and 720p HD resolution.
    • Square 1:1 Format: square format is mainly used for overhead projectors and data presentation.
    • Cinema 2.35:1 Format: this is a cinema standard screen format with a 2.35:1 ratio that provides you the cinema experience. Suitable to create a home theatre.
  4. Screen Accessories: most often every big device comes with some accessories and so the projector screen. Mounting brackets, cables, remotes, and projector mounts are some main accessories of a projector screen. These accessories you need to buy as these do not come with the screens often. 

Cost of Projector Screen

There are numerous projector screens available on Amazon that you can buy and are within your budget. Big screen projectors’ price depends upon the quality they offer and the features they have. Some of the best of them are given below to ease your search for the best projector screen.

Inlight Map Type Projector Screen is a compact and portable screen that is 6 feet x 4 feet, 84 inches diagonal in 4:3 picture format. This projector screen comes with 3D and 4k ready technology and is full HD.

Inlight Map Type Projector Screen

RKTech 120 Inch Projector Screen is foldable and lightweight, convenient to store and carry. It only weighs 800 grams and is washable. The Projector screen installation is easy and the screen comes with full HD, 3D, and 4K technology.

RKTech 120 Inch Projector Screen

ELCOR lite Series Map / Calander Type Projector Screen is a home cinema movie projector that is 84 inches diagonal in 4:03 format. The dimensions are 4ft high x 6ft wide with Ultra HD quality and with 4K ready technology.

ELCOR lite Series Map_Calander Type Projector Screen

C-lite Eco Matte White Motorized Screen is an electric motorized projection screen. This c-lite screen projector comes with an easy and dual wall and ceiling installation design. The ratio of the screen is 4:3 and it is a washable projector screen.

C-lite Eco Matte White Motorized Screen

The projector screen installation is not that hard as most of the projector screens are lightweight and simple to hang in minutes. If the surface at which the screen will be hung is obstacle-free then there will be no problem in the installation.

4K Projector

In the above-discussed projector screen, the term 4K is used with each of them. The 4K projector is the ultra-high definition projector that has 4x the number of pixels of 1080p projectors. It provides the smoothest picture quality to its user. There are a number of 4K projectors available and choosing one out of them is quite difficult so here we are with the best 4k projectors for 2022 list.

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